PRVFlip is a website that allows you to bet PRV at a 50/50% chance to win 1.98x your PRV bet.
All games are provably fair, and payouts are performed instantly.

To begin, click on the Play tab and enter your PRV payout address.
From there, you will receive a unique betting address, where all PRV sent to it will have a coin flipped to decide if you win or not.
If you win, your original PRV + the additional amount you won will automatically be sent to the address you specified within a few minutes.

Winning depends on a random number generated from client seed, server seed, and round nonce.
The number generated ranges from 0-100, and for you to win it needs to be >50.

When betting you must bet between the minimum and maximum bet amounts listed on the betting page.
If you bet lower than it, you will not receive the PRV back as it is a small amount.
If you bet above it, you will automatically receive your PRV back minus a 1% fee.